Dear Birdfeed user,

There's an update to Birdfeed, but it's got a different name: Brizzly for iPhone. Brizzly is the best way to view Twitter on the web, and now it's taken the great foundation built by Birdfeed and added new features like lists and saved searches that sync with Twitter, news topics with user-editable explanations (a.k.a. Brizzly Guide), pull-down refresh, tab bar editor and more.

While we will be removing Birdfeed for sale from the iTunes App Store - we will be offering Brizzly for iPhone for free. Since it is a new product rather than an upgrade, you won't be prompted to upgrade - simply go to to get Brizzly (it's free). You can keep the old Birdfeed if you'd like, of course, but we won't be supporting it, and will be iterating on Brizzly from here out. Please give us a try, check out our FAQ, and let us know if you have any questions not answered there.

We want to thank Buzz Andersen for his initial work on Birdfeed, for selling it to us and especially for helping us get Brizzly for iPhone off the ground. It wasn't easy but we're proud of this new, improved product and hope you like it.

The Brizzly team at Thing Labs